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brief counselors at bowen high school after a shooting killed one student and injured another. good afternoon. i'm sean lewis in for steve sanders. allison it -- allison payne has the day off. nancy loo has our top story at this noon hour. >> reporter: grief counselors are on hand here today and over a dozen students have felt the need to meet with them. they first cps student to be killed in the new school year has meant a tough life lesson here on just the third day of school. it may be a new school year but
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already there is the same ol' deadly violence. >> everybody getting killed. >> reporter: that's because bowen high students are mourning the death of 16-year- old deantonio goss. sophomore was with a friend when he was shot and killed near 86 and south saginaw just after classes yesterday. the 18-year-old friend remains hospitalized in critical condition. the boys were just blocks away from the school. >> just didn't have to shove your child to walk two blocks home from school. it's just a real tragic for the family and for the community. >> reporter: sadly, none of the community watchers from the new safe passage program were near the scene of the shooting. >> we are doing our best. the things are going to happen but where we come in, we are trying to prevent certain things from happening we can only do so much. >> the doctor of fellow watcher was with the boys when they were shot. she was too traumatized to come
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to school today. the deadly incident apparently stemmed from an earlier argument in the cafeteria. >> it started in the school. argument in the school. and they were supposed to fight. they were going to fight. the boy came with a gun and started shooting. police have yet to make an arrest in the murder but not even a weekend -- into the new school year kids at bowen are fed up. >> i think it's ridiculous that so many kids are being killed especially at beginning of the school year. last year over 250cps students were shot on their way to or from school. 32 of them were killed. on the southeast side, nancy loo, wgn news. a woman convicted in the beating death of a two-year-old girl in indiana faces life in prison without parole when she is sentenced today. in august the jury found an jla castillo guilty of killing her cousin jada justice. prosecutors say that castillo and her boyfriend beat jada to
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death, burned her body and encased her in concrete before they dumped her body. prosecutors say tacastillo is irritated with the girl and beat her then asked kay chk to help hide the body. the boyfriend will be sentenced tomorrow. the man charged with rape and murder of three-year-old riley fox will undergo a psychological exam. to determine if he was mentally fit to stand trial. scott eby charged after dna evidence linked him to the crime. in 2004, riley's body was found in a creek four miles from her home in wilmington. riley's father was originally charged with her-mile-per- hourder but was later cleared of the charges. eby serving two consecutive seven year sentences for raping one of his relatives in 2005. two women now facing charges today after search children were left home alone overnight on the city's south side. police found the five boys and two girls in an apartment at 77 and essex after someone called to alert the department of children and family services.
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two women arrested when they got back to the apartment. their chrnlged with misdemeanor child abandonment. the children range in age from one year to 11 years old. now in dcfs custody. two teenagers in charge with labor day burglary of a chicago alder woman. chicago police say that one suspect is 16. the other is 15 years old. both are charged with residential burglary. police say that the finger prints found in lyle's home led them to the suspects and they said during questioning the 15- year-old admitted to robbing another house. cameras, laptops, video games and jewelry taken from the home sometime on monday. as mayor daley prepares to leave office, some say his police superintendent needs to leave, too. but the mayor giving jody weis vote of confidence following criticism of weis' meeting with chicago gang members. julian crews is live on the southwest side of the city with
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that story for us. good afternoon. the superintendent of police says despite all of the speculation, that he has to remain focused on doing his job. now, at a dedication here at new calmica academy on the southwest side, mayor richard m. daley defended weis' performance and defended his superintendent saying that he is doing a good job. now the "sun-times" report says that weis knows his days are numbered. >> i don't know who is spreading that rumor. you get a lot of blah spread every day. this man came in and did the job that was necessary. in regards to another generation of young men and women in the police department and the caps program and everything else that he has done. he has done a very, very good job and i'm proud i appointed him. >> with superintendent jody weis in attendance, the mayor praised the head of the chicago police department who faces labor trouble, a disheartened police force set to march in protest to headquarters and controversy over a recent
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meeting with gang leaders. weis drew fire from critics who say that his face to face with gang leaders is tanament to negotiating with terrorists. as reports swirl around that weis knows he will have to go the political power struggle over city hall continues with more than a dozen potential candidates mulling over a run for the soon to be vacant mayor's office, news of a strong latino bid political veteran and city clerk miguel del valle is the first of official contender to announce and another long time political leader, luiz gutierrez appears to be jumping in. sources close to the congressman tells wgn news he has decided to make the run. with the growing hispanic population in chicago, there are many that believe that the numbers are in favor of a historic opening for latinos and possibly the first hispanic mayor in chicago history. >> latino caucus of the city council has agreed to hold off on endorsements we collectively talk as group. doesn't mean we will be in
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agreement but we should talk -- we have to step back. >> the mayor says that he is not going to endorse any particular candidate. at today's dedication with school ceo ron huber man, the daley protege was mentioned as another potential mayoral candidate and reporters asked daley if huberman will make a good mayor. >> he would be a good candidate. >> a little bit of nervous laughter there perhaps the mayor being mindful of his pledge not to get involved and not to endorse anyone. but with so many candidates mulling over the possibility of running, you can be almost certain that mayor daley will continue to get these sorts of questions over the months ahead. on the southwest side, julian crews, wgn news. before the mayor can leave office he does need to submit one more balanced city budget. city faces more than a $600 million deficit in the coming year. mayor's butjet office will
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spell out the city's preliminary spending plans at a public hearing. happens tonight at 7:00 at the south shore cultural center. mayor's budget proposal must be submitted to council by next month. still ahead on the wgn midday news, attorneys for former governor george ryan in a courtroom today asking a judge to release the former governor on bond. we will have a live report on the decision coming up. plus obama weighing in on the pastor in florida. his controversial protests to burn the koran over the weekend. and if you need a new refrigerator or any other appliance, there is now a state program that can save you 15%. we will tell you when that is. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped
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attorneys for george ryan will have a chance to convince a judge to release him from prison on bond. julian crews is live at the dirksen federal building for us with details on that. >> reporter: hi to you. will former governor george ryan be released from prison early. that's the burning question at this hour. everything hinges right now on the interpretation of the u.s. supreme court's decision on honest services. a decision that came down earlier this summer. now today in court, the big hitters for george ryan's legal team marched into court. that includes former governor jim thompson himself and top defense attorney dan web. right now they are petitioning for ryan's release. also present, ryan's wife of more than 50 years toting an oxygen tank, laura lynn ryan listened as lawyers asked for bond while the court decides how honest services affect mrs. ryan's case. guilty on all cowshts, ryan was sentenced to six and a half years in prison in 2006.
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of that time, he already served close to three years. >> i feel strongly the motion we filed we believe is a strong motion and if the skilling based motion is granted, then george ryan has served more time. he should be out of jail now. based on what he still stands convicted of if we prevail on our skilling based motion. >> reporter: now november 1 is the date when lawyers for both sides will argue their positions before the judge. again, things addressed potential bond for george ryan. a man who has been in prison 34 months already and second issue. what does honest services mean for his case. it's been debated before the u.s. supreme court and pertains largely in this case to the jeffrey skilling case. chief of enron and how that decision affects his case. we are live at derkson federal building. julie unruh, wgn news. we won't know hot jurors are in the next rod blagojevich
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are until after they reach a verdict. the jury after it was over jurors complained about all the media attention that they got so for the next 12 the -- judge says he will not release juror's names until a full 24 hours after the verdict is announced. he wants a new juror questionnaire drafted to find out how much media exposure potential jurors had from the first trial. perspective jurors will be told to avoid media coverage of the trial. president obama today urging a florida minister to call off his planned to burn copies of muslim holy book this weekend. reverend terry jones intends to hold a koran burning protest against radical islam on saturday. that's the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. the president calls it a stunt that could endanger american troops overseas. obama says if the koran burning is carried out it will be a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. the man planning to build that mosque near ground zero
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says americans will be in danger if it is moved. planners want to build an islamic center and mossback two blocks away from the world trade center site. opine ins say it's too close and want it built somewhere else but the imam is worried about extremists retaliating if that happens. >> if the radicals are strengthened and if we do move it, it will strengthen the argument of the radicals to recruit. their ability to recruit and their increasing aggression and violence against our country. >> the imam says his group has reached out to the families, victims of 9-11 and blames controversy on politicians for making an issue out of this. one of the three americans jailed in iran for more than a year will be released this weekend. text message reporters this morning to come to the same hotel where american's parents were allowed to meet them recently.
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text said the release was to mark the end of the islamic holy month of ramadan. three americans say they were hiking in iraq's northern kurdish region when they were picked up by iranian authorities in july of last year. americans were then accused of being spies. just how much malpractice is costing the state of illinois? staggering new numbers. also, how mothers can now watch their babies without actually being right there with them. later in lunch break, skip the jar. learn to make your own tomato pasta sauce. it is easier than you think. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis?
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energy efficient refrigerators, freezers, dish washers or clothes washers. rebate of up to $250 will be given on a first come, first serve basis september 24. the money is coming from the federal stimulus dollars that were not used earlier this year. shoppers must certify that they are replacing a less energy efficient appliance with the purchase. i'm angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. obama administration awarding a billion dollars to all 50 states to stabilize neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosures. illinois getting a total of $30 million with nearly $15 million going to help chicago alone. state and local governments can use money to buy, redevelop or tear down foreclosed properties even help low or moderate income families make that down payment. today things are looking up on wall street thanks to some good news from the jobs front.
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weekly jobless claims dropped 27,000 last week. more than expected. and it's even concerned that employers will speed up firings as the economy cools. but investors are taking a bite out of mcdonald's today. mcdoneds one of the few companies to drop today shares down near 3% right now after the world's larnlest restaurant chain said sales in restaurants opened a year climbed 4.9%. disappointing analysts expectations. and to leave on a brighter note for all you would-be app developers out there, apple came out with newsed that that it is relaxing on restrictions on the development tools used to create ios apps a long as they don't download a code. adobe gaining today thanks to that decision. apple reversing the decision to ban adobe flash technology on the iphone and ipad so we can
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soon see flash supported websites on those products. all right, on wall street right now, stocks are higher today thanks to bigger than estimated drop in jobless claims. bolstering confidence in the economic recovery today. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. recently illinois supreme court overturned tort reform legislation calling it unconstitutional. the move angered many doctors in the state. now new findings about the annual cost of malpractice has those in health care again asking for reforms. "chicago tribune" health care reporter bruce japson reports from the tribune tower. let's talk about this. ben we -- when we talk about tort reform your eyes glaze over. this has an impact on each and every one of us. >> reporter: right. new study from researchers out of harvard says that medical liability costs about $55 billion a year. that's 2.4% of the entire tab
12:21 pm
of health care spending. now, it's not necessarily the jackpot jury awards you hear about, but it comes in the form of also when doctors who might be worried that they will get sued are ordering up unnecessary tests that they call that the practice of defensive medicine. that is one of the biggest parts of it. so unless you have some kind of liability reform, i'm not advocating necessarily for caps which is what the supreme court threw out that caps on damages. but there are also are efforts going on to say, listen, we have to maybe set up mock courts in illinois. something to sort of mitigate this cost that i think this is the most comprehensive studdies have i ever seen that puts a big tab on this at $55 billion a year. it's going to be certainly something that will give some mojo to the effort to bring some -- to illinois and doctors and hospitals are saying they
12:22 pm
will use this study. >> $500,000 was limit placed on doctors. $1million for hospitals. obviously illinois wasn't the first state to do this. now that the supreme court in the state has said we don't like this. we don't like caps. do you see other states that have put restrictions on potential awards to patients. do you see those states getting rid of their caps as well. >> no. it hasn't gone on. in california their law has held up. in illinois a lot of people think it's a political issue. as a matter of fact it's going to be a political issue in november. just as kill bright downstate is facing a retention issue on the ballot where opponent, people who want tort reform because he voted with the majority to throw out the law. he is up for retention this year and there are some people that are trying to see that he does not get retained. also the issue could rear its head in the gubernatorial race
12:23 pm
where brady has definitely for caps and governor quinn is not saying he is not for liability reform. but it's certainly an issue and will come in that race. when you get a study like this from researchers at harvard and independent medical journal like health affairs you are giving people ammunition to put the issue on the front burner because even if we have health reform it shows you that health care costs when they go up that this is a contributor to it. >> bruce japson joining us from the tribune tower. you read more on this story. bruce's story in today's "chicago tribune" or online at nba all-star reportedly now asking to join the chicago bulls. tell you who it is coming up. and taking on diabetes by growing your own food in the medical watch. turning to gardening to build a healthy lifestyle. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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growing treatment for diabetes in your own neighborhood. >> got pick most of the bush things up. >> picked and eaten. francine jones has shed 50 pounds and one diabetes medications. >> my numbers have gone down tremendously. >> down is good and the healthy trend is growing in lake county. where the doors for good health seemed locked. >> no major grocery store in the city of north chicago. that is a very significant challenge for patients who are trying to maintain a new trshes diet to manage their diabetes. >> reporter: the stores in the neighborhood are shuttered. you don't need shelfs. picking items here right from the ground is patients a chance to lift their health. >> goal is to have half of your plate covered with vegetables
12:27 pm
so if that's the message we are promoting to patients we want to help support that and this garden is a perfect way to do that. >> collaboration between north shore university health systems and lake county health department master growers taught patients the basics. they adopted basket. and the rest is not history but future. >> this is my first and only garden. once we started, then i found out it was really exciting. i love it. and we will do it again. we planted radishes, lettuce, carrots and snow peas. these are delicious if you slice them open and take the seeds out and put them on the grill. >> guard pron vieds hands on education experience to patients to help them learn from each other and in a fun group environment about raising fresh vegetables and incorporating these fresh vegetables into their daily
12:28 pm
diet. >> 11 gardner diabetessics. with 52,000 diabetic in lake county, the goal is for that to grow. the hope is more patients will say i want to be a part of this. >> if you live in lake county and want to grow the growers and the diabetes garden, check out our website for more information. imagine ice skating at 10,000 feet -- 1,000 feet up. not 10,000 feet up while getting a bird's eye view of the city of chicago. you will be able to do this winter near the top of the john hancock building. the rink going up on the 94th floor of the observatory. open from january to march. rink will measure 1,000 square feet and maybe the highest in the world. tom skilling is up next with a full forecast and then men, listen up. you may want to sit down for the story. we will let you know about the truth when it comes to the size of your pants. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more.
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you sure you wouldn't want to do the weather too? >> i will entrust that to you. >> you would be great in front of the wall. it is nice. it's gorgeous out there. you know, this is more like a late september/early october day. speaking of those late season temperatures, we had readings as low as 30 degrees. so boy, there are signs that we have autumn in the air as if we hadn't picked up on those up to this point. a couple of cumulus clouds trying to get going.
12:32 pm
see these things above? serous stratus. those are blowing off showers up stream. they are part of the weather system that brings us our next chance of rain and that will be probably very late tomorrow night. or on saturday. big story. the temperatures, it's 69 moquina. frankfurt at 69. wilmette 59. wilmette is flirting with the upper 50s, low 60s all day. that's cool. and 68 at morris. 67 at this hour and our official thermometer at o'hare same at midway airport and 70 degrees at joliet. most weather stations reporting this light easterly wind and it will be a factor in the days ahead. the view from sauk village showing the mix of clouds typical autumn-like day here. boy, has it been raining in texas and oklahoma. this is tulsa. this is manford, oklahoma. driving rains in that area. this after a remnants of tropical storm hermine that came ashore three days ago in
12:33 pm
northern mexico. ride northward and finally the surf coming down along galveston, texas. look at the rain totals in oklahoma overnight. and this after a foot of rain came down in the dallas/fort worth area yesterday. it's been wet. there it is right there. that's hermine or what's left of it and that storm is moving with it's heavy and potentially flooding rains into the southern mid west. they are flood advisories in five states that include arkansas, missouri, arkansas right there. there is southern illinois in on that as well. we are kind of between weather systems. this is the windy air mass we were in a couple days ago with 50-mile-per-hour gusts. now the winds are blowing back into this area of low pressure with hermine's remnants and we will fight to get the sun through here. we have a patch of heavier clouds coming in right how to and it may be grey looking during the afternoon. the big rains downstate will be passing to the south of us. it's the moist air within which these rains are occurring and are being swept up to another
12:34 pm
weather system that may rain on us on saturday. then sunday is beautiful and we have a really cool air mass coming down tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. flood advisories here. there are frost and freeze warnings in parts of washington state and northern california and it's snowing above 7,000 feet and heavily, too, in the mountains of montana. a sign of the times. look at that bullet there. that rain bullet and how the moisture producing it is to be swept up by this system coming in from the west on the jet stream. temperatures fairly aptimeinal unless you are down by the gulf coast where it's hot and mug people that moisture that streams northward. look how the read rgz settling lower and lower as each autumn day passes here. meteorological is a tum. official start comes on september 22. we are a couple weeks away from that. 67 in chicago. only 58 at rhinelander and 55 at marquette, michigan, at this hour. many areas are seeing a subtle
12:35 pm
temperature drop and the humidity evidenced by these dew points swinging back into the center of the country priming the system for rain that will be in here late tomorrow night. look at heat indices from dallas -- make that atlanta, georgia and savannah, georgia, wes of jackson, mississippi, little rock, houston texas at 97. while we have a northeast wind blowing in chicago with a dew point of 45. sign will go down to the 40s away from the lake and 45% humidity out of that. water temperatures 66. we had these extraordinary pollen counts as though with hay fever know and there is nothing to write home about. mold is down to moderate from a high value yesterday and our report from dr. joseph lea and ragweed is moderate. weed pollen is high. we had high values in all those values yesterday. we will take any improvement we can get. got a tropical storm out in the atlantic and another one that's watched out there. we will share that with you in
12:36 pm
a bit. see if that has impact on u.s. weather. but for this afternoon here, partly cloudy. cool, late september, early october level temperatures. high 70 to six degrees below normal with that northeast wind at 6 to 14. periods of mostly high and mid- level clouds tonight. most people would call that a partly cloudy skies and it will be cool with upper 40s inland. upper 50s at the lake. then tomorrow partly cloudy. cool with gradually strengthening east winds. no rain. high of 75. upper 60s at the lakeshore. east, southeast winds pick up to 8 to 18 and saturday start the weekend there will be some clusters of rain in here and showers and thunderstorms. i don't think they will be all day rains. and they should be ending late in the day as a cold front sweeps through. high of 79 and then we go into an absolutely spectacular sunday with mid- to upper 70s and a lot of sunshine. >> you say the allergens are in the air. >> i know. i feel so bad for you.
12:37 pm
my producer has been dealing with that. you guys are my allergy barometers. when i see you sniffling, i know it's getting bad out there. back with the seven-day forecast later. thank you. now the trivia question for today, true or false, the leaf of the tomato plant are toxic. the anticipate still ahead on the wgn midday news. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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@ ó [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. and for the majority of patients with prescription coverage for nexium, it can cost $30 or less per month. headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain are possible side effects of nexium. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. ask your doctor if nexium can help relieve your heartburn symptoms. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. sox had some major issues in the bullpen and hope that someone can step up. they activated jj putz from the dl today in hopes of some late inning help. last night starter john danks did not have much support in the field. crucial error in the fourth. this opened the floodgates for the tigers going on to score
12:40 pm
four runs in that one inning. that was on the tigers starter. secured his 5-1 win. the twins won their sixth in a row pushing their division lead to five and a half games over the white sox. struggles in chicago baseball do not stop on the south side. for the cubs damage was done early after hunter pence home run. offense and astros starting pitcher scored search scoreless innings. lack of run support for wells. and cubs lose 4-0. they now have dropped 20 games below .500 on the season. some good news for the cubs. they don't plan on waiting for the off season to start interviewing candidates for the manager vacancy. reports are now that ryne sandberg is expected to interview within the next ten days. he was selected pacific coast league manager of the year. reports say that the cubs would like to have a new manager in
12:41 pm
place before october. and just when you thought all the nba free agency trade hoopla was over, guess again. yahoo! sports now reporting last night the denver nuggets all-star forward carmelo anthony prefers a trade to either the bulls or the knicks. anthony would be free agent after this coming season. he is unhappy in denver right now making likely that he will leave. your live illinois lottery drawing coming up next. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis?
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the speculation about who would replace him has been rampant -- we will have some questions about sheriff tom dart's plans. >> reporter: the list of possible candidates to run in the race to replace mayor daley as you point out continues to grow. and cook county sheriff tom dart says that he is think being it but that's just it. he just in the think being it stage. >> i really enjoy. love the job i do now. we have done a lot of amazing things here. i enjoy it. i think the rest of the world when the mayor made his announce mp i was as surprised as anybody. i was convinced he was going to run another term. it took us all by shock.
12:46 pm
30, 48 hours later. i had a lot of people coming to me and asking me about my interest in it. and wanting know do it. >> well, we caught up with cook county sheriff tom dart at the sheriff's garden harvest festival on the grounds of the cook county jail. the jail garden project is an education program for inmates. inmates who want to volunteer are trained by the university of illinois ek tension and earn their masters gardeners certificate which can make them more employable. the vegetable yield is awesome and the programs potential for inmate rehabilitation is priceless. and one inmate describes it as a god given solace in the middle of turmoil. and for more on the garden and the inmates who work the garden, tune in to wgn's 9:00 news for our cover story tonight with micah materre. muriel clair, wgn news. a new type of web cam
12:47 pm
technology now designed specifically for parents who want to keep an eye on their families but can't actually spend all day looking. it's called i-baby you can use any web cam along with an internet connection and subscription to this service. there is no software to download either. unlike other video conferencing software, i-baby video detects any change in sound and slightest movement from your kid. >> starts talking, we know. >> first smails and that first laugh are the ones i don't want to miss. >> once i-baby video detects a movement or change in sound like a cry or a laugh, it does send a notification to designated computers, ipads and phones. you can all ther it for other users for aunts, uncles and grand parents. they have been doing this to women for years now it's time for you to know your pabt size is lying to you. esquire magazine exposed truth behind the waist sizes you see
12:48 pm
on the labels. esquire measured size 36 pants. size 36 at several stores and found out that they are actually bigger than that. pants at old navy, roomiest. they are 36-inch pants actually 41 inches. a pair of dockers that said 36 measured 39 and a half. pair at the gap 39-inches. h and m was the most accurate. it's 36-inch pants came in at 37 inches. summer is over. tomato harvest time is now here. next in lunch break, a recipe for homemade pasta sauce and it looks good.
12:49 pm
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our next guest is a writer, business woman and all around foody. her new cookbook, easy, tasty italian shows you it's not that hard to cook from scratch. laura santeny here in chicago today from london. welcome to our city. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about this. a lot of people will go to the store and simply kind of cop out in a way. buy a jar of tomato sauce in order to put on your pasta and you say you don't have to do that because it's easy to make a good sauce. >> my work is all about tasty transformation. and using flavor to add magic to your every day foods. so we will illustrate that by making a quick pasta sauce. quicker than going to the store
12:52 pm
and buying a jar. it's so quick that i get my kids to do this. and chop them into quarters. put them in here. >> these are smaller tomatoes. >> small vine tomatoes and get them all year-round and they are all sweet. >> grow them in your own garden. >> as we have seen in chicago. this is a topeto sauce. no cooking -- raw tomato sauce. freshly torn basal. >> this is great. i love cooking without having to cook. >> good slug of extra virgin olive oil. you eyeing all of this. no specific measurement? >> all by eye. because you don't need to. that's another myth unless you are a little sprinkling of sea salt. good grinding of black pepper and then garlic. what i wanted to say about the garlic is not a lot of people
12:53 pm
know but garlic tastes different the way you cut it. so the more you mince it, the stronger it gets. and we don't want to be -- exactly. we don't want to be tasting this for days. we will just cut it in half and expose that to get the aromatic. this is a raw pasta sauce but some cooking does take place. when the hot pasta hits that dish all the aromas and the heat releases. >> it smells great so far. smell the basil even with my stuffed up nose here. >> it's fantastic. with a we will do is bomb it as if it wasn't delicious enough. we will balm it with one of my flavor bombs and use -- this on that. >> food processor? >> this is a fifth taste. you know about this? >> it means savory deliciousness. all those things that make you go mmm. so we -- >> prosciutto, parmesan cheese, grated lemon zest for zing, flat leaf parsley and little warm oil and wiz that up into a
12:54 pm
paste. how would uyou like to taste the past and see how transformationle is. we will drain the hot pasta now. >> i can taste the lemon. >> the punch of the paste. we will put the hot pasta into the lovely sauce. and then we will give it -- >> this is a traditional sauce you would go downtown chicago and get a plate full of pasta dripping full of tomato sauce. this is something that looks a little bit -- very lights in you get this in italy. i don't know about chicago. but you get this in italy. maybe like the before. the fork here. and then we will transform its in this is the before. >> this is before. >> before the concoction you made up. and then i'm going to put -- >> that is good even -- >> it's delicious on its own and brilliant thing if you just want a quick fix. then with the paste, if you
12:55 pm
need a little bit of this pasta water -- >> preserve some of that. >> yeah, because it's brilliant. it's a brilliant ingredient. just that starch in the water gives a nice creamy -- >> and this is something you can do in 15 minutes? >> i think we have done it in three. >> i think we have. >> i don't know. it's been 15 minutes combined so quickly. here you go. >> and this is with the paste we just made. all right. let's see if i can get in here. all right. all right, folks. wow. that really -- the flavor bomb is the bomb. the cookbook is called easy tasty italian. get it on and other book stores. thank you very much. for more information head to our website, we will be right back. copd makes it hard 3q for me to breathe.
12:56 pm
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i switched to a complete tomultivitamin with more.50, only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. the answer to today's trivia question.
12:58 pm
true or false, the leaves of the tomato plant are toxic. the answer is true. tomatoes are part of the family that contain acklloyds. wow. don't let the dogs out not garden. >> they always smell so good. smell like tomatoes and here they are poisonous. >> don't eat them. now you may be saying after you go outside on a day like, this it's all over for the warm weather. >> not true. >> you would be wrong and you are never wrong. we have 29 days left to our last 80. 54 to our final 70 and 77 days if this average year to our final 60. so plenty of warm weather left. it's getting cloudy out there now. these clouds have originated from some showers out to the west of us. but you will notice on the temperature maps in recent days how the warm air is pushed farther and farther south. autumn rearing its head around herer. had 330 -- 30-degree lows in is
12:59 pm
wisconsin. 61 in madison and humid for the plains. that will fill with showers that come in late tomorrow night and more likely saturday. northeast winds at 6. humidity 145%. shoreline water temperature is 66. we showed you the pollen values but also want to show you sunburn times. get sunburned on a day like this as our dermatologist, 23 and 58 minutes. this is a model forecast. lays out the next 24 hours and it's cloudy come evening rush- hour and through the rest of the afternoon then partly cloudy overnight. that's 12 midnight and see the clouds baring down on us from the south. that's with the recommend ins of hermine and another weather system taking shape out in the plains that could rain on us late friday night and saturday. but sunday looks gorgeous. maybe a thunderstorms monday and really cool air 60s and wednesdays. we haven't seen that in months. >> no. it's been awhile. and these are more frequent now in the days ahead. thank you very much. and thank you for joining us. hope you have ea

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